Zerona Laser, Fat Loss made Easy!

Is Zerona right for you?

If you’ve tried diet and exercise but still have fat and inches you just can’t lose…. It’s time for Zerona.

Zerona is the only clinically-proven, non-invasive body contouring treatment for overall body circumference that is measurable. It targets your stubborn fat areas and painlessly emulsifies the fat under your skin. Your body then removes the fat from the area. Our fat cells are complex and dynamic entities that affect an astounding number of bodily functions. This endocrine organ supports the processes that keeps us lean and assists our bodies to help regulate metabolism, support the immune system, and produce hormones and proteins. When we have healthy fat cells, it assists the liver in processing and removing fats and toxins, and our muscles in keeping blood sugar down. 

Zerona revolutionized body contouring in a safe, effective treatment. There are no needles, no incisions, and no recovery time needed. 


  • No down time, just results.
  • Painless.
  • Non-Invasive.
  • No contact. 
  • FDA Approved.




Includes 8 Zerona treatments, 8 micro-current body treatments, and a NuBody micro-current device for at home use (valued at $399).


Includes 8 Zerona treatments and 8 micro-current body treatments.


Includes 1 Zerona treatment and 1 micro-current body treatment. $300.00

Includes 1 Zerona treatment. $250.00

Annual Zerona Package $6,000.00

Includes 2 treatments a week for 8 weeks plus an additional 30 treatments (must be used within one calendar year).

As always, we offer a free consultation to see if you could be a candidate for the Zerona fat loss laser. Our certified providers will educate you on the process and provide a customized treatment plan personalized  just for you and your goals!

Julie & Bre

Our Zerona specialist are certified professionals who make the experience comfortable. They are with you through the whole process of your Zerona treatment to guide you and encourage you to meet your goals. 

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